The team

Fiona Day

Fiona Day helps mid-career and senior professionals to make the changes they need in order to flourish in their working lives. She is an experienced Leadership and Career (Executive) Coach who supports you if you are having difficulties at work, struggling to cope, want to make career changes, or wish to develop your leadership skills. She has 25 years of experience in promoting emotional wellbeing and in clinical leadership roles. Fiona has worked in a range of strategic leadership roles including at Board and Chief Officer levels.

Her particular interests are in coaching mid-career and senior professionals to improve their wellbeing, leadership skills, and to make major and minor career changes, especially clients with health related issues, who are seeking to combine a portfolio career with a professional career, or clients who prefer to work remotely eg by Skype across the UK and internationally.

Fiona uses evidence based tools and resources to help you to prepare for a long and varied career which will keep you motivated, engaged and thriving today- and in the future. This includes supporting you to develop new skills which you can implement immediately, as well as providing you with a safe and confidential space for reflection and planning.

Fiona is based in Leeds and offers coaching across the UK and internationally via Skype. She is a member of the General Medical Council and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and loves to see people grow and develop and take control of their working lives.