Exploring the Worst Case Scenario

Clearly, not all negative thoughts and emotions are unhelpful.  Many of them are the mind doing its job and warning us off danger ahead.  It is our ability to imagine danger in the future that allows us to plan and manage risks.  Therefore, if you are having persistent doubts about your career change it can be useful to sit down and work out what those doubts actually are.  Instead of trying to ignore them, listen to them.

One of the most effective ways of listening to demons is to take them head on and work out what the worst case scenario.  Take your existing career change plan.  Then write down the best case scenario – what could go right?  What would it look like if everything worked out perfectly?

Then, for each part of that best case vision, consider what the worst case scenario would look like.   For the worst case scenario, think about all the things that could go wrong with your decision.  Go into as much detail as you wish.
Then, have a think about what you would do if the worst case scenario did happen.  What contingency plans can you make?  How can you mitigate the risks you face?This exercise usually reassures people that the worst is not actually that bad.  However, be warned – there is no way of moving towards change without accepting your doubts and fears.

Your career plan / direction

Best case scenario

Worst case scenario

Contingency plan(s)














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