How to Deal with Anxiety (Day 1 of 5)

Of course, many people are not thinking about career change right now, but about how they can hold on to their jobs, careers and livelihoods.

I know from the enquiries I get that the main thing that people want help with at the moment is dealing with anxiety and stress.

I have written a piece on evidence-based ways of dealing with anxiety here, however I thought I would also share some further thoughts here on The Career Psychologist blog.

I am going to provide one simple idea to help deal with anxiety for the next 5 days.

The first idea comes via Claudia Hammond who is the Presenter of All in the Mind on BBC Radio 4 and author of The Art of Rest.

This idea is appealing to me becuase it is so practical and counter-intuitive.

It’s a way of saying to anxiety – OK, bring it on!  Welcome!

I think this is worth 3 minutes of your time but let me know in the comments below what you think.

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