Learning to use Language

I spent the weekend with my family. It was lovely, but I noticed how much language helps us worry. Taxis that will or won’t come. Plans that will or won’t work. Hats that may or may not be lost. I do this too – what if, what if?

Without language, it would just have been a family, sitting and eating; a silent testimony to a common bond. Present.

With language, we ruminate about the past, worry about the future.  And life ticks by.

And yet we can’t un-learn language. The human choice is about learning what to do from here. So we must learn what to do with language.

Learning to enjoy the present even in the presence of language allows us to reach for something more real and for many – more meaningful.

To stay present with the moment even whilst feeling anxiety – now that is something to aspire to. In fact, from here, it is the only thing.

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