When you hate your job it becomes difficult to think about anything else.  Everything seems coloured by it.  Either you are in work hating it or out of work dreading it. Everything seems the same.

I might fleetingly enjoy Friday nights, but Saturday morning would bring the thought that I had wasted half the weekend already. Sunday was dedicated simply to staving off rising anxiety. The week itself brought the constant fear of being found out or shown up; my mind would punish me if it ever thought about relaxing or simply enjoying the moment.

It takes hard work to develop a different perspective, which is why mindfulness is so useful.  But another favourite ally became the poetry on the tube.  What a brilliant idea that is…And I love the tube stations where ‘thought for the day’ is posted.

A week ago I saw this, and it stopped me in my tracks (boom boom).  If you are changing career from a job you hate then life itself can feel stuck, as though there is only one version of reality.  But sometimes new and different things do happen.  Sometimes even good things happen.  Remembering that can jolt you back to a different kind of reality.

And sometimes that’s enough to keep you going on the long, dark days which seem so uniform and without end.



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