The Career Psychologist in 2016

Do you feel stuck in a job you hate, yet unsure what else you could do?

This was the question I asked 7 years ago when I set up The Career Psychologist.

At the time it felt like the question might resonate with a handful of people.  But the response was overwhelming.  I had no idea so many people wanted to get unstuck from soul-destroying jobs and find more meaningful careers.

And for my part, I can’t think of anything better to do than help people make better, more informed career decisions and break free of the tracks that seem to have been laid down years ago and to stretch inexorably out into the distance.  It has been a privilege to see so many of our clients summon the courage to make a clear career choice and take control of their own destinies.

To my surprise, our problem has not really been survival, but how to scale our services whilst staying true to our values of expertise and humanity.  So for this first post of the year, I wanted to share some news about our plans for 2016:

New Career Psychologists

TCP now has 6 career psychologists in total. The team includes leading ACT experts and coaches Rachel Collis, based in Brisbane and Rob Handelman based in New York City.

Nimita Shah continues to direct The Career Psychologist, managing all referrals in the UK and working closely with Kirsty Tifft, who specialises in working with people from a financial services background. In 2015 we also welcomed former civil servant Ross McIntosh to the team, which is hugely exciting. You can find out more about Ross here.

Although Taslim Tharani is not taking referrals right now due to finishing her PhD, it is a privilege to have her ongoing support and guidance – she has been here since the beginning.

All of the Career Psychologist team are experts in their field and all have made their own career transition. Most importantly, they all have in-depth experience of helping people get more out of their careers. I feel so proud to be part of this team.

New website

With the brilliant Pynk and Fluffy we have been working on a new look and feel to the site and we will be improving and simplifying our online content. The aim continues to be to provide something useful to people, so there will be lots more free content and resources coming your way.

New services

We are conscious that many of our clients actually don’t hate their jobs, but they do want to improve what they do, accelerate their careers or deal with transitions better. They want expert, impartial advice from people who understand assessment. So this year we will be offering new services in Career management led by Nim, and Workplace performance, led by Ross.


Here is our new year’s resolution; we will blog once a month, on the first Sunday of each month!


Our aim is to be more systematic about collecting data from clients going through the Getting Unstuck process.  Melvyn Grimwood (a former TCP client) has been leading this effort in consultation with leading psychologists like Frank Bond, Paul Flaxman and Mike Steger.  Our aim is to start getting data published and to be even more data-led in what we do.

Our ultimate objective is to use the latest applied psychology to help transform careers. We know that psychology can help people to identify their best career fit and then take courageous steps forward towards more meaningful work.  Whether you are interested in our work as a potential client, collaborator or competitor do get in contact.

The world needs more people to come alive at work in 2016.


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