Performance accelerator

Want to progress your career faster?

Performance accelerator is a rigorous two-session coaching process that helps people get to where they want to go in their careers, faster.

Who do we help?

We help people from a wide variety of careers and at all levels of seniority who:

  • Feel stuck in their current role and unable to progress as quickly as they want.
  • Feel they’ve under-achieved in their career to date and should be in a more senior position.
  • Are starting new roles and want to make a great impression in their first 100 days.

What do we do?

We will help you identify your strengths and areas for development in relation to where you want to go. And translate this into a clear plan for real, sustainable behaviour change to get the results you want.

By objectively understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how others might view these, we’ll help you to maximise your performance at work.  This in turn will maximise your chances of promotion, better appraisal or 360 degree scores or higher bonuses.

What does the process involve?

Two face to face sessions with one of our expert Psychologists, plus a state of the art psychometric assessment to identify your behavioural preferences (and, if required, levels of cognitive ability).

During the first coaching session we will feed back your results and from this help you to identify your potential strengths and development areas, particularly in relation to any new role.

We will also identify specific areas an interviewer might focus on if you were in an assessment situation, as well as specific areas where you might need to improve to progress in the role. We will also set ‘homework’ or recommend books or talks for you to watch in between sessions.

In the second session you will report back on progress made and we will further refine your action plan.

Outcomes for you

You’ll be able to maximise your performance at work and accelerate your career based on objective feedback from our expert Career Psychologists.

Get in touch

If you feel we might help, or want more information it’s best to contact us to arrange a short phone conversation (no charge) about your exact situation. If after that we think we could work together, we’ll make a proposal based around your requirements. For that or any other questions just get in touch.

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