What is ACT?

Developing Psychological Flexibility To Drive Exceptional Careers

ACT has been described as the future of coaching and training interventions because of its ability to help people simultaneously improve performance and health.


ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Training – an evidence-based intervention which seeks to develop the skill of psychological flexibility as a means of enhancing both performance and long-term health.

Psychological flexibility is the ability to 1) identify the key goals and values that underpin meaningful success and 2) to focus on the main actions and behaviours that drive towards these goals, even 3) whilst feeling negative emotions.

Psychological flexibility is effective at offsetting some of the main traps in building exceptional careers, for example:

  1. Being driven by goals and values that are not important or meaningful
  2. Being distracted by actions that do not drive exceptional results
  3. Becoming exhausted by the pace of change or by the need to constantly react to an overwhelming workload
  4. Being too easily hooked away from what matters

Here’s a 3 minute summary of the approach:

ACT has been shown to be effective in hundreds of randomised control trials in a range of outcomes, from better health, to reduced risk of burnout, and better workplace performance – from leadership effectiveness, creativity, learning or sales.

Our own research shows that a single half-day training intervention can be enough to improve psychological flexibility and in turn, to drive better workplace health and performance.

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    New eBook: Thriving In Uncertainty

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    • How to deal with the negative emotions (like stress and anxiety) that come with uncertainty

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