The ACT matrix

Psychological skills training that gets results

The ACT Matrix is a way of building psychological skills that can help us focus on what matters, identify ways of moving towards our values and goals and noticing when our thoughts and emotions are hooking us away.

Who is this for?

The ACT Matrix is for anyone who wants to develop the psychological skills necessary to help them perform under pressure, sustain high performance, develop efective coping strategies and to notice when their actions are becoming ineffective.  Effectively, it helps people to become their own coach.

What do we do?

This is a half-day, experiential workshop designed to develop psychological flexibility.

Why is the ACT matrix needed?

Early in our career we are instructed by parents, coaches, and training staff as to what works in our chosen profession to move us toward success.

Our success relies on listening to directions and following them as closely as possible. This is the essence of being “coachable.” This works well in terms of the physical development of skill in a specific working context.

The issue inherent in this form of development, however, is that employees do not get significant repetitions in coming up with what works for themselves from a mental preparedness standpoint, especially in a new environment with unknown variables, when there may be no trusted support person to tell them what to do.

Therefore, when it matters most, employees may act without thinking, become disorganized, and lose the connection to their plan. They may get lost in the internal distractions (thoughts) and lose touch with what will lead to success in their physical reality. Building mentally strong employees requires a framework that allows them to refocus on their physical reality and come up with their own answers as to what works and what gets in the way.

Outcomes for you

Through self-discovery, the ACT matrix allows people to develop mental strength, which helps them to become their own best mental coach, creating an ability to better self-regulate in all training and performance environments.

If you have any questions, or simply want to register interest (we hold sessions based on demand), then drop us a line.