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A Word On Your Mind (1)

When people read this blog or read the Career Paralysis slides they often contact me to say how much it resonates with their experience.  Then when they meet me and set off on the career change / getting unstuck process, they often feel full of hope and expectation that they have finally found a way Read More

Tug of War with The Anxiety Monster

“The single most remarkable fact of human existence is how hard it is for humans to be happy“.  (Hayes, Wilson and Strohsahl, 1999). So begins the book that changed my life forever, the first edition of the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy manual.  It articulated something which I already knew to be true without actually realising.  Read More

The Voice That Says ‘I Am Brilliant’

It started to happen when I did well in exams at school.  It gained serious momentum when I got a first at University.  Then it became a pattern when I got onto various prestigious graduate programmes. It’s the thought in my head that says ‘I am brilliant’. I mean, I have lots of other voices Read More

Learning from Demons

There is a lovely ACT metaphor where you are watching someone climbing a mountain in the distance. The climber begins by making his way straight up the mountain, resting only occasionally. But as the mountain steepens, he often has to stop. Sometimes he has to move sideways – even down – in order to bypass Read More

The Evidence for Mindfulness and….Just About Everything

One of my main interests is in mindfulness and its application in the workplace and beyond.  The main reason for that is that mindfulness – much to my surprise – has had a huge effect on me as a person.  Since then, and particularly since studying ACT,  I have learned that mindfulness is broadly applicable Read More

That’s Un Oeuf! The Revolutionary Time Management Technique

I have written previously about the Pomodoro technique. After a lot of research and some earnest experimentation myself, I can now offer a more scientifically validated time management technique which anyone can easily implement. I have named this revolutionary system ‘That’s Un Oeuf!’ (TM).  The ‘That’s Un Oeuf!’ system is guaranteed to boost your productivity Read More


Mindfulness is more than a passing fad.  It is at the cutting edge of scientific research into anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, pain management, work performance and resilience. Dan Siegel is at the forefront of this research and if you don’t have time to read his excellent Mindsight, this is a useful alternative.   I think Read More

What Is Clarence Reading This Christmas?

I had lots of interest in Clarence’s views on the year’s best mindfulness books, so the natural question now is what will he be reading for Christmas? Below is a list of the books he’s already started.  I’ll let you be the judge of his favourites so far…* Clarence is very curious about Todd Kashdan’s Read More

Best Books on Mindfulness…by Clarence the Cat

As you may know, I use mindfulness in my work with career stress and anxiety.  Mindfulness also helps people contact what they really value in life – the ability to be present is a foundation of self understanding. I’ve been working with Clarence the cat for some time on his work stress and anxiety, and Read More

Mindfulness on the Way Home

I just stopped and looked for a while. Incredibly, my busy and important world didn’t fall apart.   RSS 2.0: