Step 1: Understanding stuckness

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The Incredible Tale of Leicester City…and the (Limited) Power of Thinking

“Following today’s devastating result for the national team, I take full responsibility for the most unfortunate choice of coach, which has resulted in such a poor image of the national team being put before the…

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Career Paralysis 2016

For millions of people life feels incomplete without their annual update of the Career Paralysis slideshow. If that includes you, and frankly why wouldn’t it, I’m sorry this is a bit late. But finally, here…

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Understanding Experiential Avoidance

Experiential avoidance is so common to everyone experiencing career paralysis and yet so unheard of that it needs some closer attention.  Here’s the formal definition: “Attempts to avoid thoughts, feelings, memories, physical sensations, and other…

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Career Change, Developing Coaches - ACT Training, Getting Unstuck coaching

Client guest post: Conviction; Friend or Foe?

This post was written by Tyrieana Long, a client of The Career Psychologist. Few of us will have escaped the news reports in recent days about the late Margaret Thatcher. What has struck me the…

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