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How to Deal with Anxiety (Day 3) – The Daily Checklist

(5 minute read + a downloadable checklist) I’d originally anticipated lockdown to be a slower pace, a reconnection with what matters and a welcome realignment of my values. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but the…

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Are Your ‘Labels’ Sabotaging Your Career Change?

by Dr Fiona Day  Suzanne was working for an NHS (UK National Health Service) organisation which was being dissolved following a reorganisation. As a qualified physiotherapist she really struggled with the idea of being transferred…

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Career Change, Career Development, Developing Coaches - ACT Training, Executive Coaching, Getting Unstuck coaching

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When you hate your job it becomes difficult to think about anything else.  Everything seems coloured by it.  Either you are in work hating it or out of work dreading it. Everything seems the same….

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