The Obituary Exercise (updated)

We updated this classic exercise, which helps people to explore what really matters in their lives and careers:

How Behaviour Analysis Can Help with Career Paralysis

In our career coaching practice, so many of our clients are drawn towards ACT because of its focus on values and connecting to what matters. However, some are surprised to learn of its roots in behaviour analysis.  After all, isn’t that what they do with rats? However, behaviour analysis is exceptionally useful for understanding the Read More

Don’t Focus on Passion – Focus on Becoming an Expert

For a while we’ve argued that “follow your passion” has limited value as career advice.  Of course, it’s lovely to feel passionate about what you do, but the outcome is lousy advice for the process. For example, in my own career change I was interested in psychology, but my first experience of learning it- a Read More

Downloadable Experiential Avoidance PDF

Click on the link below to download the PDF. Then work your way from top left answering the questions as you go. Finally, let me know how I can improve this in the comments below! Download Experiential Avoidance Exercise PDF

EO Wilson on Careers

EO Wilson is a world authority on ants, but he’s not bad on careers either…