Career Paralysis slideshow – 2016!

For millions of people life feels incomplete without their annual update of the Career Paralysis slideshow. If that includes you, and frankly why wouldn’t it, I’m sorry this is a bit late. But finally, here it is!  Minty fresh, with a glossy new template from our friends at Pynk and Fluffy! And by the way, Read More

9 Signs You’re Stuck in Career Paralysis

I went back to work last week.  Don’t get me wrong I love my job, but even I found it difficult. And I remember only too well how dreadful it is if you don’t enjoy what you do. We work with loads of people who feel like this, but who also fear change . Gradually, Read More

The Career Psychologist in 2016

        Do you feel stuck in a job you hate, yet unsure what else you could do? This was the question I asked 7 years ago when I set up The Career Psychologist. At the time it felt like the question might resonate with a handful of people.  But the response was Read More

The Obituary Exercise (updated)

We updated this classic exercise, which helps people to explore what really matters in their lives and careers:

How Behaviour Analysis Can Help with Career Paralysis

In our career coaching practice, so many of our clients are drawn towards ACT because of its focus on values and connecting to what matters. However, some are surprised to learn of its roots in behaviour analysis.  After all, isn’t that what they do with rats? However, behaviour analysis is exceptionally useful for understanding the Read More