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The ACT matrix

Who is this for? The ACT Matrix is for anyone who wants to develop the psychological skills necessary to help them perform under pressure, sustain high performance, develop efective coping strategies and to notice when…

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Career Development Workshops

What do we do? We train people in practical skills that enable them to identify and focus on what matters most; deal with transition, setbacks and stress; and to develop the expertise and career capital…

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Developing Coaches

Who do we help? We think ACT is essential for any internal coach, business psychologist or people professional who wants to deepen their coaching skills. However this training is particularly useful for coaches operating within…

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Performance accelerator

Who do we help? We help people from a wide variety of careers and at all levels of seniority who: Feel stuck in their current role and unable to progress as quickly as they want….

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CV coaching

Who do we help? We work with a wide range of people from many different backgrounds who want to: Make a great first impression to potential employers Develop the most effective CV possible Get shortlisted…

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Interview coaching

Who do we help? We help people from a wide variety of careers who need to prepare for a big interview or series of interviews.  This service is for people who: Want to make a…