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Step 2: Identifying Decision Criteria

Why Define Decision Criteria? How to Define Decision Criteria What Makes Good Decision Criteria? Where Should I start? What if My Criteria Feel Unattainable? Top Piece of Advice for Step 2

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Executive Coaching

Who do we help? We work with business leaders, middle managers and front line staff who want to improve their performance through coaching.  We believe that coaching can benefit everyone, but it is particularly useful…

Discover the real you

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Psychometric assessment

Who do we help? We use psychometric tests to help people to understand themselves better.  This can be useful in both career change and career development as they can help someone tap into their strengths,…

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Performance accelerator

Who do we help? We help people from a wide variety of careers and at all levels of seniority who: Feel stuck in their current role and unable to progress as quickly as they want….

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Getting Unstuck coaching

An interactive 1 page summary of the whole process can be downloaded here. If you feel stuck in your career, this process will help you separate what you think you should do from what you…

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Career Development

Who do we help? We are generally commissioned by HR or L&D specialists or senior managers to help develop their people in ways that will maximise their talents.  Our expert psychologists have worked with clients…

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Career Management

Who do we help? Our Career Management service is for anyone wanting to navigate forwards in their career faster. We work with our clients on specific goals – such as gaining a promotion, securing a…

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Career Change

Who do we help? We help people who feel stuck in their careers and who want more meaning, purpose and direction in their work. Our team of expert psychologists specialise in career change at any…

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CV coaching

Who do we help? We work with a wide range of people from many different backgrounds who want to: Make a great first impression to potential employers Develop the most effective CV possible Get shortlisted…